Who is Sailor Cosmos?

Just who is Sailor Cosmos?
Many will say Sailor Cosmos is Chibi Chibi in the future, while others say it is Sailor Moon… and other’s say she is Galaxia’s Starseed. So… which one is it????

Anime Reference:
Galaxia refers to Chibi Chibi as the light of hope she sent to the edge of the galaxy, where chaos could not find her. This, I believe is just a descrepency between the anime and Manga. The only legitimate evidence of Sailor Cosmos, that I can find in the Anime, is when Usagi is fighting with Chaos, a hand gives Usagi a sword in which to fight with.

Manga Reference:
According to the manga, Chibi Chibi is (and for a lack of words) is a disguise for Sailor Cosmos to guide Eternal Sailor Moon. However, Cosmos admits to being a coward, and tells to (Amazoness) Quartet that Eternal Sailor Moon is the true Sailor Cosmos, and until [she], like Sailor Moon, has the courage to stand alone and fight, then she can once again be Sailor Cosmos.

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