Rei is the Fire Spirit.

Mythology: To the Greeks, the god of battle Ares was the most despised deity, despised even by the other gods (save his beloved Aphrodite) and seen as a troublemaker, causing nothing but bloodshed, turmoil, and death. The Romans, who were more aggressive than the Greeks, saw Mars (the Roman Ares) as a combat god as well, but they also saw him as a kind, protective, and spiritual deity who cared about humanity.

Rei is similar to Ares. She may be dissonant, nasty (pardon the pun), and even conceited. At her finest, Rei is like Mars: spiritual, honorable, and protective of and devoted of Usagi/Serena. Ares’ chariot is generally accompanied by his sister Eris (Strife) and his two servants, Deimos (Panic) and Phobos (Fear) (do these names sound familiar). Mars has two moons, the bigger of which is called Phobos and the smaller Deimos.

Pheobus and Diemous are the names of Rei’s crows. They are also referred to as Mars’ sons.


Mars Power, Make Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up
Fire Soul: Mars Fire Ignite
Anti-evil Charm
Mars Firestorm Flash
Fire Soul Bird: Mars Firebird Strike
Burning Mandala: Mars Celestial Fire Surround
Mars Flame Sniper

Birthday: April 17

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