Venus is Minako. Mi and ko may alternatively be pronounced as “Bi” and “su,” resulting in “Binasu,” the Japanese word for “Venus.” Also, Minako was named before Naoko began the naming trend.

Mythology: Aphrodite (Venus in the Roman form), the Greek goddess of love and beauty – Aphrodite was a gentle but flighty goddess who presided over both spiritual and physical love, according to the Greeks. She was known as the goddess of love and the protector of lovers, but she was also represented as a flighty, lustful, and occasionally shallow deity. The Romans elevated Venus above Aphrodite, yet she remained essentially the same. Minako, like Aphrodite, is flighty, beautiful, and sometimes shallow. Aphrodite was represented as a gorgeous goddess with long blond hair and blue eyes (sound familiar? ), which Minako resembles.

While numerous Aphrodite traditions highlight themes of love and desire, some of the most intriguing myths deal with the repercussions of the goddess herself becoming the victim of love. This is related to her in the SuperS series (hold it! Spoiler—->) Hawkeye and Tigereye date

Minako’s attacks are also goddess-inspired, such as her “love me chain” and “love and beauty shock.”

Aphrodite’s birth is described as being born from sea foam. There is also a variant in which she emerges from a shell. Sailor Venus is shown in the anime as standing in front of a shell (like to the right).

Aphrodite’s most well-known love was mortal. Adonis was his name. Adonis is famed for being the most beautiful mortal, and the term is now used to describe a guy who is visually appealing. Persephone, the Underworld goddess and Hades’ wife (Pluto), desired Adonis (Proserpine). She murdered Adonis via the jealous Aries so that she might have him in the underworld. Aphrodite was devastated by the loss, and she ripped her hair out and battered her breasts in anguish. From the drips of his blood, she eventually transformed him into a scarlet flower known as the chrysantheum. When he died, he would blossom in the spring.

Adonis’ tale connects to Naoko’s previous manga, Codename: Sailor V, in which Sailor V discovers she has a rescuer. Kaitô Ace (Kaitô = bandit or mischievous robber) tosses playing cards instead of flowers, like Tuxedo Kamen does. Kaitô reveals himself towards the conclusion of the series to be Danburite (Minako’s greatest antagonist at the time) and Adonis, a soldier from her previous life as the princess of Venus. Adonis served in the Earth’s army under General Kunzite during the Silver Millennium. He had been secretly in love with the Princess of Venus, but when he witnessed the way his commanding officer and his true love gazed at each other, he realized he could never have her. Following that, Queen Beryl attacks, and everyone is transported to Earth… you know the rest of the tale. Minako was ultimately obliged to murder him since he was the enemy. When he died, he cursed her with never finding real love since he couldn’t have her. This might also explain why she has a difficult time with men.


Venus Crescent Beam Smash: Crescent Beam
Venus Meteor Shower: Crescent Beam Shower
Venus Love Chain Encircle: Venus Love Me Chain

Birthday: October 22

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