Ocean King Michiru (Queen in this case).

Mythology: Poseidon, the Greek deity of the sea, is known as Neptune in Roman mythology. Because of this, it is fitting that Michiru be the Senshi in charge of the waters.

Neptune is associated with mystery, illusion, imagination, and the inexplicable. Neptune is the planet of magic, idealism, mysticism, and the subconscious. The disadvantage of Neptune is that it also represents deceit, fraud, confusion, and betrayal. Michiru, on the other hand, is nothing like this.

Neptune influences individuals to be more educated, spiritual, and creative, which is why Michiru plays the violin.

Neptune is also associated with perfection, the spiritual journey, and the pursuit of the Impossible Dream.

The waters are Poseidon’s domain, and He always carried a three-pronged weapon known as the trident, which is shown on the back of Michiru’s mirror. Poseidon is also mentioned as having sea-blue hair, similar to Michiru.

Delos was one of the islands that Poseidon created from the sea. It was so fresh that it was still floatin’ about in the water. The little island was desolate. Except for a solitary palm tree, nothing grew on it. Artemis (ahem) was born under its shadow.


Deep Submerge
Submarine Reflection: Aqua Mirror Reflector

Birthday: March 6

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