Mamoru is the Earth Protector. Chi signifies “earth,” while mamoru means “protector.”

Mythology: One evening, when Selene was driving her horses quietly along, she abruptly came to a halt because she noticed a gorgeous young shepherd deep sleeping on the hillside, his upturned face illuminated by the moon’s soothing light. Selene looked in awe at his magnificence, and her heart soon began to beat with more than adoration. She slid carefully from her chariot to his side, bowed slowly, and planted an airy kiss on his slightly parted lips.
Endymion, the lad, was only partly awakened by this exhibition, and for a little period his sleep-dimmed eyes rested wonderfully on the gorgeous image. That one glimpse, although quickly driving Selene away, ignited an unquenchable desire in his heart. He awoke with a shock and wiped his tired eyes; but when he saw the moon, which he imagined was close to him, floating away over the deep blue sky, he knew it had all been a dream, but such a wonderful one that he laid himself down across the sward, hoping to entice it to visit him again.
It did not return that night, but the following night, when he slept in the same location, it recurred in all its beauty, and night after night it was repeated as the faint moonbeams swept over his sleeping face.
Selene, who was as enamored with him as he was with her, couldn’t bear to pass him by without a kiss, and routinely abandoned her vehicle for a second as it approached the mountain top to race to him and steal a quick kiss. Even when sleeping, Endymion anticipated her arrival and reveled in the ecstasy of her presence; nonetheless, a spell prevented him from showing any indication of wakefulness.
Thus, time was pasted. Selene, who couldn’t stand the thought of the youth’s beauty being tainted by lack, toil, and exposure, ultimately put him to sleep and carried him off to Mount Latmus, where she hid him in a cave considered holy to her and never profaned by human sight. Every night, the goddess would halt, enchanted by his beautiful visage, and brush a delicate kiss on his unconscious lips. Selene gave him 50 daughters throughout the course of time (let’s count… Chibi-Usa…. umm… wait, we still have 49 more to go!). Can you image having 50 Chibi-Usas? Frightening.:|) The link between this tale and Moon Princess Serenity and Earth Prince Endymion is obvious.


Tuxedo Mask – Red Rose
Tuxedo Top
Cane Extension
Moonlight Knight – White Rose
Evil Self – Black Rose

Birthday: August 3

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