Makoto means “Wisdom of the Oak.”

Mythology: Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus, the Greek monarch of the gods and also the God of thunder. Zeus is the god of the weather and is known for his thunderbolts, which explains why Makoto’s transformation and attacks are centered on electricity, lightning, and thunder (you get the point). Zeus is also the god of oak trees and eagles, which relates to Makoto’s “oak evolution” assault and her name translation, “knowledge of the oak” (relation to wood).

Zeus is as obsessed with girls as Makoto is with boys (they have strong, self-assured personalities but a weakness for the opposite sex), and the ruler of the gods is infamous for having numerous affairs (like with Hercules’ mother…naughty, naughty) and making his wife Hera jealous. This is also related to Makoto’s never-ending hunt for love, or boyfriend chasing.


Supreme Thunder : Jupiter Thunder Crash
Supreme Thunder Dragon: Jupiter Thunder Dragon
Sparkling Wide Pressure: Jupiter Thunderclap Zap
Jupiter Oak Evolution

Birthday: December 5

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