Helios- Bright One.

Mythology: Helios is the God of the Sun. Helios, the Sun god, was said to fly across the sky in a chariot driven by horses, delivering light to the world. Helios finished his daily circuits and floated back to his Eastern palace in a golden bowl after the Sun’s voyage started in the East and concluded in the West. Naoko may have gotten the idea to transform Helios into Pegasus from the flying Chariot driven by horses.
Helios was the son of Theia and Hyperion, two Titans. Helios was also the brother of Eos (the Goddess of Dawn) and Selene in Hesiod’s Theogony (the Goddess of the Moon). Eos led the dawn parade, closely followed by her brother Helios.
Helios was not there when the gods divided the globe among themselves. He protested to Zeus about it, and he was granted an island that was barely emerging from the seas. He called it Rhodes in honor of the Nymph Rhodus, whom he adored.
Helios, being the God of the Sun, saw and understood all. Helios afterwards worked as a spy. Nothing could be hidden from him. He notified Demeter about her daughter’s kidnapping and disclosed Aphrodite’s unfaithfulness to Hephaestus.
In Roman mythology, Helios was known as Sol. This is most likely the origin of the French term “Soleil,” which means “Sun.”

Attacks: None
Birthday: Unknown

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