Mythology: Uranus literally means “the skies” in Greek, and he was also one of the original gods.
Uranus, together with the Mountains and the Sea, was one of Gaia’s earliest “children,” according to Hesoid’s Theogony. He later married Gaia, and their marriage spawned the Titans, Cyclopes, and Hekatoncheiroi. Ouranos cast his children into the underworld and imprisoned them there. Cronos castrated Uranus with a sickle, splitting heaven and earth, and overthrew him at the prompting of Gaia. Uranus’ blood fell to Earth, giving birth to the Giants, Erinyes, and Meliai (ash-tree nymphs). Cronos tossed his severed testicles into the sea, where they gave birth to the goddess Aphrodite, according to certain legends. Uranus’ castration might be a minor factor in Naoko’s lesbian desire for Haruka, although this is exceedingly unlikely. Naoko is just mischievous. ~ ^

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