Chibi Usa

Chibi Usa is the Moon’s Little Rabbit.

Legend: has it that Usagi’s name translates to “Moon Rabbit.” Once upon a time in Japanese tradition, a monkey, a rabbit, and a fox lived together as friends. They played on the mountain throughout the day and returned to the forest at night. This carried on for a long time. When the Lord of Heaven heard about it, he wanted to check whether it was true. He approached them dressed as an elderly traveller. “I’m exhausted after traveling over mountains and valleys. Could you please provide me with something to eat? “He stated this while putting down his staff to rest. The monkey immediately went out to fetch the nuts he had provided, while the fox delivered a gift from his fish trap in the river. The rabbit dashed across the fields in all directions but returned empty-handed. The monkey and the fox mocked him, saying, “You’re truly excellent for nothing.” The young rabbit was so disheartened that he requested that the monkey fetch some thistles and that the fox set fire to them. They did just that. The small rabbit then pleaded to the old man, “Please eat me,” and jumped into the flames. This sacrifice touched the pilgrim’s heart, and he sobbed, saying, “There are no winners or losers; everyone deserves to be praised. However, the small bunny has shown great affection.” So speaking, he returned the rabbit to his natural shape and carried the small corpse to heaven to be buried in the moon palace.

Every Japanese knows the tradition and still sees a rabbit threshing his rice in the shadows of the full moon.

Mythology: Selene (Greek for “moon”) was the earliest Greek goddess of the moon, and she was the daughter of two of the original twelve Titan gods, Hyperion and Thea. Selene rides the chariot of the moon across the sky at night, just as her brother Helios (Greek for “sun”) rides the chariot of the sun across the sky during the day and her sister Eos (Greek for “dawn”) brings the dawn to herald the arrival of Helios every morning. Selene is a purely abstract goddess. She is actually only a literary or poetic personification of the Moon. Artemis, the more well-known Greek goddess of the moon, subsequently absorbed Selene (Goddess of the hunt).

The Roman version of Selene is Luna (Latin for moon), and the Roman version of Artemis is Diana… how appropriate are the names for the three cats (Luna, Artemis, and Diana)?

The moon has three aspects, each represented by a different moon goddess: Selene represents the heavenly aspect, Artemis represents the earthly aspect, and Hecate (an underworld goddess of the moon and witchcraft) represents the underworld aspect.

As a result, Chibi Usa falls in love with Helios in the anime and manga.


Luna P/Ball/Sphere Kitty Magic/Power: Luna P Henge
Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Twinkle Yell

Birthday: June 30

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