Uchusen Scans and New Wallpapers…
I’ve recently taken up a subscription with Uchusen magazine, which is a live-action/sci-fi magazine in Japan. It’s got some great pictures of PGSM, and so I’ll be scanning all PGSM images that are available in the magazine(s) as I get them. You can find the new scans under the Misc. Scans section.
Also, I’ve made 3 new wallpapers (based on those scans, too). has its own tracker!
That’s right! I’ve struggled for a while on a way to share my PGSM Music Videos without killing my wallet or my bandwidth, and I’ve gotten a tracker! Thank the saints! You can now download eternal-moon torrents from To view a complete song list, visit the music video page.

Now you can have your cake… and PGSM too!
You read that right… now you can have a cake for any occasion and invite the PGSM cast along to be displayed upon your cake. Imagine all the happy little girls there are in Japan…God, do I wish I had this baby for my birthday cake… I would have died a happy person. Well, maybe next year.

Aww man! Why can’t I be 8 again?!
There’s a new bike out there, and I don’t mean a Harley Davidson. Amongst the PGSM marketing, Toys’R’Us (in Japan) now carries the Pretty Guardian Bike, perfect for every little girl obsessed with Sailor Moon. Some assembly is required, and it even comes with training wheels for those children who cannot ride normally. The seat is adjustable to your child’s height, and even comes with a nifty basket in front, for you to carry all of your Sailor Moon toys to your friend’s house. What more could a little girl ask for?

The bike is being sold for 15,999 Yen, which is roughly $145 US dollars. Fully loaded, this bike is the cream of the crop, and if I lived in Japan, and had the money, I’d buy one. This thing is raging. It’s too bad we don’t have this in the US.

Excuse me sir, you need a helmet with that tricycle.
On a bike related note, Kitagawa Keiko has started some sort of AD Campaign, on the importance of safety. She’s seen ‘styling’ in the ad in front of a Honda motorcycle. What a great campaign: “Mars drives a Honda. What do you drive?” I can only image the increase of sales Honda will be seeing in Japan.

I’m not sure if or what kinds of magazines it’ll be seen in, but if I find out, I’ll be sure to post it. I think the campaign is a good idea though. Keiko has become a pretty big idol, and with the audience PGSM has, it could have a decent impact on the younger generations that watch PGSM. So, good luck to the safety police.

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