Ami is sleeping in bed as the narrator (Luna’s voice) begins:

“The following story unfolds amidst strange situations, while the girls were frantically studying for their high school entrance exams.”

Sunlight flows into Ami’s room and she wakes up, rubs her eyes and stretches. She sees some doves out on her balcony, and she opens the sliding window. “Ohayou!” (Good Morning!) she says to the birds, and they fly away.

The sun begins to rise over Tokyo.

Ami sits in the bath and reads – she narrates:

“I’m Ami Mizuno. Born September 10, a virgo, blood type A. My hobby is reading. Every morning, I get to school 40 minutes early to read.”

Ami steps out of the bath, and appears in the kitchen for breakfast. She continues:

“I love sandwiches, because I can read while I eat them.”

She runs to the front door, slips on her shoes, and walks out the door:

“My favorite color is blue and swimming is my favorite sport.”

Walking to school:

“Math is my best subject.”

Arriving at school:

“But, one thing I’m not good at receiving is…….”

Opening foot locker:


Seeing a letter on top of her shoes:


Picking up the heart-sealed letter and turning bright read, heart thumping:

“…… letter!!!!”

A scream is heard throughout the school.

The girls, including Chibi-Usa, walk up the many steps of the shrine. Mako remarks that she’d love to have the problem of receiving a love letter. Usagi agrees. Ami replies that she just has a strange reaction to them. Minako makes another misquote as usual, Usagi drops her bag (really funny^_^), and Artemis quickly corrects her. Ami laughs and says that there is only one thing that they should be worrying about. “Studying, we take it?” they all immediately reply. Ami whips out her glasses and says that there is no such word as love in her dictionary right now! An eerie wind blows through and Chibi-Usa shivers, “Kowai…..”.

Ami takes out a magazine that has national scores for the practice exams. Ami, under the code name “Mercury”, is tied for the number one ranking with someone with the code name “Mercurius” which is Latin for Mercury. They both have PERFECT scores. Ami says that that person must be the new enemy! Everyone thinks that she’s overanalyzing the situation.

At school Ami resolves that if she takes more practice exams and goes to more study seminars, she might meet Mercurius. She begins to float into her own world and says, “I’ve never felt this passionate before….I