Ami Water Friend

Ami- Water friend. Ami’s name is intriguing since it might imply a variety of things. The “kanji” for her name are broken down below.

mizu no ami = water companion

MIZU stands for water.
NO may refer to a field or a plain. However, it is employed as a noun modifier here.
Ami may have numerous meanings:
“following beauty” (A=next in line, Mi=beautiful)
“Asian Beauty” (A=Asia)
Ami=friend in this context (French)

The term “Wednesday” derives from the name Mercury. This is known as’mercredi’ in French, derived from the Latin “Mercurii dies,” meaning Mercury’s day.

Mythology: Hermes, or Mercurius, is the Greek equivalent of Mercury. He is the quickest of the gods, and his role was as Zeus’ and the other gods’ messenger. Hermes is also the Greek god of commerce and the market, making him the patron saint of traders, merchants, and thieves. Cunning, inventiveness, intellect, and invention were his distinctive characteristics.
Gymnastics was part of his domain; he was the patron of all gymnastic contests in Greece, and gymnasia were under his care. The gymnasium inspired Greek painters to depict Hermes as a lovely youngster with beautiful limbs beautifully formed by physical workouts and gymnastic prowess.
Hermes is also associated with healing, medicine, and so on. He is often shown as a gorgeous naked youngster with winged sandals (as seen on television, such as in Disney’s ‘Hercules,’ a gleaming helmet, and a staff with two white ribbons wrapped around it. The staff is known as the caduceus, and it is responsible for healing. Asclepius, the god of healing, took the staff as his sign, but instead of ribbons, he had two serpents coiled around it. This staff is Mercury’s emblem (all those pages with Mercury symbols must signify something!).
Hermes is an enigmatic ancient deity. Friendly, helpful, sly, and devious. He is also considered a genius.


Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up
Mercury Shabon Spray: Mercury Bubbles Blast
Mercury Shabon Spray Freezing: Mercury Ice Bubbles
Shining Aqua Illusion
Double Shabon Spray Freezing
Mercury Aqua Mirage
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Birthday: September 10

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