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link to Kunzite


Manga: Kunzite is the fourth and most powerful general. Kunzite swears to obtain the ginzuishou and assassinate Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi." He disables all electrical lines in Tokyo and...

link to Jedite


Manga: Jedite, the first of the four generals, is the first to gather energy for Queen Metallia. He came three times, each time a new senshi was awakened. Sailor Moon was summoned for his debut...

link to Esmeraude


Manga: Esmeraude is Dimando and Safiru's follower, and she is known to continually taunt both of them. Esmeraude adores Prince Dimando and even vows to deliver Selenity to him at one point ( with...

link to Ayakashi Sisters

Ayakashi Sisters

Manga: The Ayakashi are a member of the Dark Moon family. Their mission is to apprehend Chibi-Usa. Code001, Code002, Code003, and Code004 are assigned to each sister's tasks. Cooan poses as a student...

link to Prince Dimando

Prince Dimando

Manga: Dimando is the Prince of the Dark Moon in the manga. Wiseman has granted Dimando the "third eye," which allows him to fire a beam from his forehead at his adversaries. Dimando trusts Wiseman...

link to Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl

Manga: Queen Metallia comes from a deep and dark area on the sun a long time ago. Beryl met the queen and quickly became her disciple. The earth people were misled by Queen Beryl. They became her...