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link to Youma


Youma is Japanese for a monster, ghost, or apparition. Episode 1 - MorgaEpisode 2 - BalmEpisode 3 - FlowEpisode 4 - InstructorsEpisode 5 - IguaraEpisode 6 - CyreneEpisode 7 - DerellaEpisode 8 -...

link to Ail and Ann

Ail and Ann

Manga: Ail and Ann are not mentioned in the manga. Anime: Ail and Ann are survivors of a shattered planet. The sole surviving component of their planet is known as the "Doom Tree," and it provides...

link to Zoisite


Manga: Zoisite (Zoicite) is Queen Beryl's third general. Zoisite is also known as Europe's commander. In order to discover the ginzuishou, Zoisite disguises himself as a lady at one point. Professor...

link to Safiru


Manga: Safiru is Demando's younger and frequently forgotten sibling. Safiru is capable of creating 'droids.' Safiru adores his brother and respects his intentions, even if he subsequently accuses...

link to Rubeus


Manga: Rubeus is a Dark Moon servant of Wiseman."Crimson Rubeus has gained control of the Four Sisters, and when each of them is murdered, he transports the abducted Sailor Senshi to Nemesis, where...

link to Queen Metallia

Queen Metallia

Manga: Metallia and Beryl are the rulers of the Dark Kingdom. Queen Metallia comes from a deep and dark area on the sun a long time ago. Queen Metallia is an entity that has yet to completely awaken,...