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link to Mamoru


Mamoru is the Earth Protector. Chi signifies "earth," while mamoru means "protector." Mythology: One evening, when Selene was driving her horses quietly along, she abruptly came to a halt because...

link to Ami Water Friend

Ami Water Friend

Ami- Water friend. Ami's name is intriguing since it might imply a variety of things. The "kanji" for her name are broken down below. mizu no ami = water companion MIZU stands for water.NO may...

link to Luna


Luna is Sailor Moon's protector. She is a cat sent by the Moon Kingdom to protect and guide her. Her objective is initially to assist Sailor Moon in finding the long-lost Princess Serenity, until it...

link to Helios


Helios- Bright One. Mythology: Helios is the God of the Sun. Helios, the Sun god, was said to fly across the sky in a chariot driven by horses, delivering light to the world. Helios finished his...

link to Haruka


Mythology: Uranus literally means "the skies" in Greek, and he was also one of the original gods.Uranus, together with the Mountains and the Sea, was one of Gaia's earliest "children," according to...

link to Diana


Diana, like ChibiUsa, is a guardian cat sent from the future (Crystal Tokyo). She is eventually revealed to be the future daughter of Luna and Artemis. Mythology: Selene (Greek for "moon") was the...