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link to Princess Kakyuu

Princess Kakyuu

Princess Kakyuu is a Kinmoku planet princess. She abandoned her ruined planet in order to find the "Light of Hope" and destroy Galaxia. She concealed herself under an incense burner, which ChibiChibi...

link to Hotaru


Saturn's Firefly is Hotaru. When you combine the words tomoe (Saturn) and hotaru (Firefly), you get A Saturn Firefly. Mythology: Cronos murdered his father Uranus and attempted, but failed, to...

link to Chibi Usa

Chibi Usa

Chibi Usa is the Moon's Little Rabbit. Legend: has it that Usagi's name translates to "Moon Rabbit." Once upon a time in Japanese tradition, a monkey, a rabbit, and a fox lived together as...

link to ChibiChibi


ChibiChibi is a mysterious child who, as we later discover, carries an incense burner containing Princess Kakyuu, the lost princess sought after by the Sailor Starlights. ChibiChibi transforms into...

link to Artemis


Sailor Venus' protector is Artemis. He is a cat sent from the Moon Kingdom to assist Sailor Venus in her search for the long-lost Princess Serenity, until it is discovered that Sailor Moon is the...

link to Makoto


Makoto means "Wisdom of the Oak." Mythology: Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus, the Greek monarch of the gods and also the God of thunder. Zeus is the god of the weather and is known for his...