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link to Sailor Starlights

Sailor Starlights

Seiya Kou is Sailor Star Fighter, a woman from the planet Kinmoku masquerading as a Male Pop Singer of the band "The Three Lights" in quest of Princess Kakyuu. Seiya subsequently falls in love with...

link to Usagi


Usagi is the protagonist of Sailor Moon. Usagi has a rich mythological and legend-based backstory. Legend: Legend has it that Usagi's name translates to "Moon Rabbit." Once upon a time in Japanese...

link to Michiru


Ocean King Michiru (Queen in this case). Mythology: Poseidon, the Greek deity of the sea, is known as Neptune in Roman mythology. Because of this, it is fitting that Michiru be the Senshi in...

link to Setsuna


Setsuna - The Temporary Dark King (Queen in this case). Mythology: Hades is the Greek deity similar to Pluto in Roman mythology. Setsuna has nothing to do with myths concerning Hades. Setsuna and...

link to Rei


Rei is the Fire Spirit. Mythology: To the Greeks, the god of battle Ares was the most despised deity, despised even by the other gods (save his beloved Aphrodite) and seen as a troublemaker,...

link to Minako


Venus is Minako. Mi and ko may alternatively be pronounced as "Bi" and "su," resulting in "Binasu," the Japanese word for "Venus." Also, Minako was named before Naoko began the naming...